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Cosmetics manufacturer in Spain

Your own cosmetic brand

Formula Preparation

Third-party laboratory where we help you in all phases of product creation:

We create the product that best identifies your brand. Without large investments, since you can have your own cosmetic line from 1 unit.

We work in two different ways, depending on the reference units you request:

Facial, body, hair products in the form of creams, serums, lotions, gels… so that your brand can have a wide range of products. We adapt to your needs.

Formula Tracking

At all times you will know the status of your order, knowing when it will be ready to be marketed. Manufacturing, packaging and labeling, important processes for the production of your product, all following good manufacturing practices according to ISO 22716. Behind all these processes our quality team, to guarantee that the product meets the specifications you have set and with the best quality guarantees.

Packaging Design

Did you know that the first thing that attracts a consumer to the product they are going to buy is the packaging? We help you find the container that best identifies you, as well as the one that works best with the chosen cosmetic form.

We carry out a compatibility study of the cosmetic product with the packaging to avoid possible incompatibilities between them.

For a product to be legally on the market, it needs a series of mandatory requirements:

  • Registration on the European portal or CPNP: registration on the European page that allows the free sale of the product in the community market
  • PIF evaluation of the safety of the cosmetic product.

Our regulatory experts will ensure that your product is completely legalized.

Legal Documentation

In addition, we carry out other studies to guarantee its safety: challenge test or preservative efficacy study, patch test or dermatologically tested, product stability…

If what you want is to market another non-cosmetic product, such as a personal care product, biocide or health product, we are in charge of preparing the regulatory documentation for its presentation to the AEMPS (Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products) for registration.


Natural, organic, vegan, halal cosmetics?

All these characteristics can be revalued if it is accompanied by a seal from a certifier (Ecocert, bioinspecta, BDIH… We advise you and even process all the documentation so that your product has that added value.