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Third party manufacturing cosmetic laboratory


Inside Cosmetics Lab develops cosmetic manufacturing projects. With the help of this team, a cosmetic brand can be developed to suit the creator, following the client’s philosophy.

Inside Cosmetics Lab is created through professionals in the sector who see the need in the sector to be able to create a personalized brand with a low minimum order.

From solutions to emulsions, we create all types of products for any hair, body and facial routine, even makeup with synthetic or certified natural formulations.

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At Inside Cosmetics Lab we help you make the cosmetic brand you have always wanted a reality. We will help you in all phases of your product, so that you only worry about selling your product. We worry about the rest

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What services does Inside Cosmetics Lab offer?

Inside Cosmetics Lab offers a range of services for the development and manufacturing of cosmetic products. This includes the development of personalized formulas, production monitoring, management of the necessary legal documentation, certifications for vegan, natural or kosher products, and packaging design.

Can you help in creating a custom cosmetic brand?

Yes, Inside Cosmetics Lab specializes in helping clients develop their own cosmetic brand, following the client’s specific philosophy and requirements. The team works closely with clients to create products that reflect their vision and values.

Does Inside Cosmetics Lab comply with European regulations?

Yes, Inside Cosmetics Lab manages all the required documentation and ensures that the products comply with European regulations. This ensures that the products manufactured are safe and legal for sale and distribution in the European market.

What types of products can I develop with Inside Cosmetics Lab?

Inside Cosmetics Lab can create a wide range of cosmetic products, including solutions for hair routines, body routines, facials and makeup products. They offer both synthetic and certified natural formulations, adapting to the specific needs of the client.

How does the collaboration process with Inside Cosmetics Lab begin?

To start a collaboration, customers can contact Inside Cosmetics Lab through its phone number or email address provided on the website. The Inside Cosmetics Lab team is available to discuss project requirements and provide tailored advice.

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